Founder and CEO, Tina Kirschner, developed a passion for design at an early age when she was introduced to the technical and creative aspects of designing space through her parents' building company. Now with a career spanning 18 years and across five continents, Tina Kirschner Interior Architecture and Design offers services to the luxury elite and global commercial clients.

Signature Style

Our work fuses a contemporary minimalist aesthetic with unexpected and unique touches, creating spaces with a harmonious warm ambiance.

Our Services

We provide end-to-end consultation, design, sourcing, creation and production of all elements of an interior design project, including structural changes where required.

Interior Design

Expert consultation and end to end design for your interiors, whether it be residential or commercial.

Custom Art Creation

We produce custom artworks designed to enhance your interior, adding surprising and refreshing touches.

Custom Furniture Design

We design and craft custom furnishings to suit each project, from soft furnishings through to furniture, lighting, and decorations.

Our History

Tina Kirschner became interested in interior spaces and developed her natural design abilities, along with planning and project management skills, during her education.

Her first company, Ameno Interiors, specialised in luxury private residences in Germany. After many successful projects in Europe, Tina broadened her services to include furniture and object design.

While continuing to create unique home environments, Tina launched into a range of commercial projects that demonstrated her ability to execute a wide variety of styles, from tropical beach clubs, retail spaces, restaurants, and private clinics. Today, Tina Kirschner Interior Architecture and Design works with clients large and small to design interiors people love.